Thursday, February 24, 2011

Utah Jazz Formal Complaint Letter

Jazz Fans On HoldXXXX XXXX Provo, UT 84601

24 February 2011
Attn: Mr. Kevin O’Connor
General Manager
CC: Mr. Greg Miller
Utah Jazz
301 W. South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Dear Mr. O’Connor,
We, the undersigned, are writing to express our disgust and sadness with the direction you and Mr. Miller have taken the Utah Jazz in the past 24 months. We will address our grievances below. We have also attached to this letter receipts of Utah Jazz merchandise and tickets we have purchased in the last 60 days. We bought these items in good faith, expecting a team and organization which would live up to Utah Jazz values of times past, namely competitiveness, teamwork, hard work, and, in general, a well-run organization. It has become evident over the past month that the Utah Jazz of old are no more. As such, we would request a reimbursement of the monies we have paid towards a product we did not receive as expected. Also as such, we regret to inform you that we are revoking our Utah Jazz fanhood until major changes are made in Management, namely, the Utah Jazz show the community their renewed desire to win and compete for an NBA championship, as the late Mr. Larry H. Miller vowed and sought for, rather than simply shed payroll and remain mediocre. Please respond with our reimbursement check and see grievances below:
-Trading Eric Maynor to the Oklahoma City Thunder on December 22nd, 2009
-Trading Ronnie Brewer to the Memphis Grizzlies on February 18th, 2010, thus upsetting team chemistry and causing Deron Williams to publicly question your decision making and will to win
-Making no move to trade Carlos Boozer during the 2010 season, although Boozer made it clear he would not remain with the team, thus allowing Boozer to sign with the Chicago Bulls in the offseason and leaving the Jazz with (virtually) nothing
-Failing to re-sign Kyle Korver after he publicly announced he would prefer to stay in Utah long-term; also, Korver set the NBA season record for 3 point accuracy. Letting him walk has created a major void at the wing position and has left the Utah Jazz unable to stretch the floor. Korver signed with the Chicago Bulls at a very fair price (3 years, $15 million) which the Jazz could have easily matched.

-Allowing Jazz owner Greg Miller to publicly pronounce the Jazz to be a drain on family finances and that winning an NBA championship will always be secondary to the almighty dollar.
-Failing to sign Wesley Matthews to a contract throughout his rookie season, then failing to match Portland’s offer to him after the season. Matthews should have been signed to a deal much smaller than the one Portland offered him before he was ever eligible for free agency.
-Failing to address growing inner-team tension, made clear several times by Deron Williams’ public comments about Management and culminating in losing the Utah Jazz identity (Jerry Sloan) and potential Hall of Fame guard (Williams) in 13 days. These issues are further addressed below.
-Allowing Deron Williams to so disrupt and upset team chemistry that NBA legend and Hall of Fame coach Jerry Sloan and assistant coach and former NBA Coach of the Year Phil Johnson walked out on the team mid-season in very undignified fashion. Jerry and Phil have done more for Utah Jazz basketball than anyone else (save Larry H. Miller, Karl Malone, and John Stockton) and were treated very unceremoniously through Management undermining their leadership and authority.
-Trading All-Star point guard Deron Williams to New Jersey for the very same pieces Denver had rejected for seven months, namely Devin Harris, a mediocre point guard, and Derrick Favors, a rookie averaging 8 points and 5 rebounds who plays a position (Power Forward) at which the Jazz are already overloaded, also a high pick in an upcoming draft ESPN is predicting to be the weakest in 10+ years. As a side note, if the Utah Jazz choose to draft Jimmer Fredette in the upcoming draft (which would look to be solely a move for publicity and to fill seats), we revoke our Jazz fanhood permanently. Although we understand Williams may have become a team cancer or chemistry-killer, we remain convinced that the NBA’s best point guard should have merited much, much more in a trade, whether that trade was made now or by next year’s trade deadline.
Mr. O’Connor, please know how much the Jazz mean to us individually and how deeply this hurts us to be put in this position. We wept with joy at “John Stockton sends the Utah Jazz to the NBA finals!” and wept with sadness at Malone’s missed free throws and the “flu game.” Few things outside family and friends mean more to us than the Utah Jazz, but we cannot continue to support an organization in this present condition.



  1. You guys should just grow up. You are making Jazz fans look like losers.

  2. I'm cool with this except the part about the 'family finances' piece. Owner is not obligated to sacrifice profit for victory. Though, admittedly, I'd guess it to be an exaggeration if not an outright fabrication.

    Good luck Utah fans. Players like Williams don't come around often.

  3. Well Said. What a disappointing couple of years. Larry we miss you and your steady calming influence that always had the Jazz making moves to improve and become better.

  4. This is pathetic. Welcome to how the NBA works: Trades happen. Just because you're attached to a player doesn't mean he's going to stay in Utah. Good grief.

  5. We don't need fans like this. O'Connor is not the problem. Dwill is a cry baby B!tch.

  6. I am impressed at how easy you make it sound to run an NBA organization. I can't imagine why Kevin O'Connor is still the General Manager when they have the author of this letter available to handle the job.

  7. Agreed, Matt. I'd probably be pissed, too, but a formal complaint letter and revoking your fanhood? Way to support your team through thick and thin. Go Blazers!

  8. I want to know why the author didn't put his name. I want to know who this biggaty b!tch is.

  9. Cry me a RIVER build me a BRIDGE and GET OVER IT!!!! It's basketball not the end of the world. Some people in this world would like to have food in their stomachs and you are complaining about a NBA team. Why dont you just buy the team and run it yourself..

  10. What a poor sport. KOC has made mistakes but the I will always be a Utah Jazz fan through and through till I die. No revoking, denying or avoiding my Utah Jazz. If Dennis freakin Rodman played for the Jazz then I would still be a Jazz fan. Show some heart and loyalty like Jerry and so many others that you named have done.

  11. The Jazz DID get something in return for Boozer. They used the trade exception from Chicago to get Al Jefferson. Check your facts, JFOH.

  12. Though the writer of this letter may appear to have some education, he clearly doesn't have knowledge of basketball or how to run an organization, period. Kevin O'Connor has done a masterful job of orchestrating moves that will help the long term sustainability of the Jazz organization. The only move I didn't care for was allowing them to let Wesley Matthews sign with Portland, the other moves have been fantastic.

    Before you make a complete ass out of yourself, now on a national platform, make sure you do your research and get sound basketball knowledge.

  13. It makes sense that you are from Provo! Grow a pair and deal with it. You are making Jazz fans look like idiots. Trades happen.

  14. I thought that Denver would have preferred the New Jersey package to New York's and the only reason it didn't happen was that Carmelo wouldn't agree to an extend and trade. That part was kind of written deceptively in my opinion. As bad as you might think management has handled things in the last little while, it seems pretty fair weather to stop being a fan because of it. At least we aren't the Pirates...

  15. What do you expect, most espn analysts have said this was a great deal. Yes, management has had many "hindsight" moments but which organization hasn't. Larry Miller had many hindsight moments too. Karl's and John's are no more in the NBA. Deron would not have been back anyway and we would have done exactly what Cleveland did with LeBron. This letter is stupid, exaggerated and attention seeking. If you want your money back then blame Deron. He could have made it known long ago if he wanted to stay. The Al Jefferson move was pure brilliance and a move to help Deron want to stay. Devin Harris is alot better than you give him credit for and in a couple of years Derick Favors will be wowing everyone. Give me a break.

  16. This means absolutely nothing when you don't sign your name.

    I'd be too embarrassed to claim this letter too if I wrote it.

    Please stop cheering for the Jazz, you are an embarrassment for the rest of the fans.

  17. One of these days people will come to understand that this is ENTERTAINMENT. Do you get a refund if a movie isn't as good as you would have liked? No. I demand a refund from you for the time I spent reading this!

  18. I disagree and think Kevin O'Connor is a good GM. He has made the best of the situations he has been given and deserves credit for getting a sign-and-trade out of the Boozer situation and for dumping Williams for reasonable compensation before anything akin to the Melo catastrophe took place. The Jazz have been a luxury tax paying team in recent years and furthermore would have been crazy to match the offer sheet for Wes Mathews.

    Please do not claim to represent the interests of the Jazz fanbase.

  19. Massive contradiction when you highlight an owner puts the dollar over winning ie, if the dollar is there he will try and win....then want refunds and further delve the club into a worse financial position. hopefully the jazz franchise will move to a more loyal city at some point...

  20. also, the nba is a franchising business...its a business...nothing about the nba or even really any american team sport is about the fan, one minute you have a team then the next you dont, eg seattle...this is what comes with a nation which has a poor system of sports...go to youtube and see foreign supporters of football or even european basketball...they wouldnt write a pathetic letter like this they would go and support and as we say in the uk, we or lose we always booze!!!

  21. The majority of his complaints were not done in the last 60 days so why was he still spending money? and revoking our fan hood until things are done translation until we are sure you will win we are not fans! Please do all Utah Jazz fans a favor and keep your fan hood! don't be a jazz fan and don't act like you know what happens behind closed doors. the late great Larry Miller didn't go over the cap until later in his life with the plan to get back below the tax this summer! you pompous idiot! Wait and lets see how good of a trade this is we got a lot for a great player who could be leaving the Nets in 16 months!

  22. What a stupid blog and I am so embarrassed by how dumb these Jazz fans are. I love the Jazz and no matter what I will always cheer for them. You are going to revoke your fanhood? With stupid comments like that you shouldn't be a Jazz fan.

  23. Lots of factual errors in this letter.
    Devon Harris is going to be every bit as good as Deron has been for the Jazz.
    Go Jazz!!!!!

  24. Some days I'm embarrassed to be a Jazz fan...

  25. Why is it always the fans that don't understand the game that get the publicity?! The only good point was Wes Mathews. If KOC has really done that bad of a job then the Jazz would have stopped being competitive a long time ago seeing he's been the GM for years and poor management doesn't take that long to re-road a team. It was a good move if they didn't think williams would stay and may hurt their chances short term to be a low seed with a first round loss, which is all the current team could accomplish. but in a couple of years could help them be real contenders again.

  26. Carlos Boozer was dealt in a sign and trade, which got the Jazz trade exemption which was used to get Al Jefferson.

  27. first of are a dumbass for multiple reasons wich i will explain.

    you continue to say that derron Williams was hurting team chemistry and ultimately being disruptive enough in the Locker room to push the franchise (Jerry Sloan) to retire, and then you are complaining that he was traded.

    and you say not only was he traded, but for bad players also. From the way I see it you get a younger previous All-Star Player in Devin Harris and a lottery pick power forward who is already better than any other power forward on the team plus two frist round draft picks.

    The Jazz lost a 20 point per game 10 rebounder per game power forward in Carlos Boozer who never plays defense and is constantly poisoning locker rooms with his lazy play and poor attitude, for nothing obviously because he left in free-agency, but you failed to mention that they immediately picked up a younger 20 point per game 10 rebounder per game power forward in Al Jefferson.

    you failed to re-sign shooting guard Kyle Korver who was a three point speciallist who can spread the floor who also had a 5 million dollar contract his previous year there, and who does not even start on a mediocre team, yet you say you will revoke all fan-ship if they draft a pure scoring three points shooting machine in Jimmer Ferdette?

    You can go bandwagon on another team because even though the Jazz may have lost some great players and a coach they are still too classy for a bandwagon fan like you.

  28. Ha ha this is fantastic, picked up by TrueHoop within 30 minutes! To all of you taking personal shots at me, that is funny. I took 10 minutes to write a tongue-in-cheek letter to Management (which, yes, I am sending). The signature is blank because there are LOTS of us signing it. And if it's so dumb/uninformed/etc, please don't read's really that simple. I know quite a bit about the goings-on and inner workings of the NBA. I never said O'Connor did EVERYTHING wrong, but let's look at how far we've fallen from the 2007 WCF to now. Where's the accountability?

  29. Oh, and PS, anyone trying to defend the D-Will trade? Just don't. Please. Don't even try. Really, there's a reason Denver said no for 7 months. Really.

  30. Denver didn't say no for 7 months they wanted to make the trade. Carmelo was the one that said no by refusing to sign an extension with the Nets, so you may want to check those inner workings of the NBA you think you know as it was widely known the Nuggets accepted the deal and carmelo was the hold up

  31. Denver never said no Carmelo said no idiot get your facts straight before you continue to embarrass yourself. they had a deal three times but Melo said he wouldnt sign an extension in New Jersey if you knew how to read then you would realize that because its been on ESPN for literally the entire season. enver was chomping at the bit to get that trade because any retard would know that the Nets gave up WAY too much for D-Will anyways because first of all he was never gonna stay in Utah after his contract was up in 2012 and he wont stay in NJ either, and if they had waited until he had left in Free-Agency you would be pissed even more.
    Just be happy with the trade you got cause if you would stop complaining about your management and get back to just supporting them no matter what bandwagon fag.

  32. Your letter is worthless.

    If you don't like what the Jazz have done, there is noting forcing you to remain a fan of the Utah Jazz.

    You seem to be upset about Boozer and Korver leaving... go be a Bulls fan.

  33. this is hilarious! you guys wanna trade with the Blazers? if you're not happy with Devin Harris, we'll take him on

  34. Two intelligent things done in this blog...

    #1 Wes Matthews comments. In today's NBA, you dont find many players who bring it night in and night out as hard as wes does, that hurt to see him go. Especially when you consider who we signed to replace him, an oft injured Raja Bell who is past him prime defensively, and a poor scorer... 8 pts/game isnt enough for a 2 guard in the jazz offense.

    #2 Not signing your name to the post.
    Though it was a cowardly move, it was a smart one. My guess is that when your peers find out you were the author of this idiotic, misinformed post, they will start to revoke their associations from you just like you are going to revoke your fanhood from the Jazz.

    Do the rest of us Jazz fans a favor and dont make your fanhood conditional, just give it up and go be a Clippers fan, you'll be sure to be impressed with the management there!

  35. It takes balls to sell high. But I love it. Really - what were the Jazz giving up? They weren't gonna win the big pot with the stack they had. So it didn't cost much at all to make this call. Keeping Deron would've meant slowly bleeding your chips away (typical of conservative poker play). I'm using gambling terminology because that's what all this is - moving players around, selling high buying low, etc. It's poker. Nets Russian billionaire Prokerov was tilting - he'd just lost the Melo pot. For those that don't know "tilting" is when someone's reeling from a loss, and so they're overly eager to recoup on the next hand. They don't think things thru and it's the perfect time to pounce. This was a stupid trade for the Nets - and it wouldn't have happened without all the months of seeing and raising between Denver and New Jersey (and New York). It took its toll and afterwards silent Utah pounced. Awesome.

    Let me switch from the gambling analogy to a relationship one now. You never appreciate what you have as much as when it's gone. After news of the trade DWill seemed plenty shocked and sad. The Jazz organization looks more and more like the NE Patriots - Randy Moss bitched about his contract, and so they traded him. They didn't capitulate to that kinda crap. And the narcissistic player is at first shocked, but ultimately respects and loves HIS team all the more for it. Moss publicly showered the Pats with his love after they traded him. He definitely appreciated them more after they refused to be held hostage by him. If the Pats would have him back now I bet Moss would be so grateful he'd keep his mouth shut - except to praise them. Heck, for them he might even play for free.

    Now, D-Will was never as verbose or obnoxious as Moss, but he had on occasion been a pouty little brat. I remember when he was asked about the Ronnie Brewer trade his response was "that's why I only signed a 3 year deal" (instead of the max 5). Oh yeah? Why don't you finish the last half of the contract playing for the New Jersey Nets. I love Kevin O'connor right now. HUGE RESPECT for this organization. And I wonder if, like Randy Moss, Deron's respect for his former team has grown a great deal as well. Now maybe instead of wondering where Deron will go in 2012 some might wonder if he might return.

  36. I think this letter was well written. Am I still a jazz fan? yes. Do I think we are going to suck now? yes. You don't trade away an all-star point guard like williams.

  37. Jazz are now a better team. With Deron they were beginng to be like the cavs and LeBron. They got better players. So whomever wrote this article should shut up. It's Deron's own fault he got traded. He didn't want to be there and either did Boozer. So those losers can get out of here because we don't need them or Jimmer Fredette and undersized shooting gaurd who will be a poor man's JJ Redick.

  38. Haha I am grateful that this horrible post got the reviews it deserved!!! I hate dumb people like the writer of this letter

  39. Watch Tom Penn on ESPN you might feel a bit better
    Penn comes on around 2:20

    Good to see real fans reactions to this BS letter in the comments. This coming from a blazer fan who still attended games and had heart during the 'jailblazer era' im watching basketball not politics or the revolutions in the middle east... this is a game for goodness sake.

  40. The comments about fair weather fandom are unjustified.

    There is a big difference between a team having a few bad seasons or making trades to off-set luxury taxes, and a team who has sytamaticly dismantled in order to cut costs and milk revenue sharing contracts.

    Greg is underestimating one factor in his decision to downgrade the Jazz to the ranks of teams like the Pacers. The Millers are inextricably linked to the Jazz franchise, part of the reason I buy their cars and see their movies is Larry H. Miller's commitment to Utah and to the Jazz. I for one will not let indiscretion go unpunished. Miller Group you will feel my wrath...

    Hello Cinemark, good bye Megaplex

    Sorry Larry

  41. Wow- This letter is actually pretty funny, obviously intended as a joke folks, so take it easy. :)

  42. It was not intended as a joke. You are dumb

  43. Thank you for this post.
    Now please delete your account and log out of your life.

  44. If you took a minute to step down from your self-righteous pedestal of poor writing and a wholly unwarranted sense of entitlement, you would (hopefully) realize that the environment Utah embodies which NBA players run away from (even more than the "small market") is most accurately portrayed in douche bags like you.

    As you have already revoked your loyalty to the Utah Jazz, please, keep it that way.

    Shut the fuck up.

  45. Oh Shyt, can I sign this twice?

  46. Kyle,

    It would seem that you are the one that harbors some ill will. While maybe not againt the Jazz but against the great state in which the team currently resides.

    I would hardly view the expectation that a team live up to the commitments the ownership has made, as overly entitled. I beleive, to the contrary of your assertion, that it is a change in the environment that the NBA embodies that has led to an increaingly potent allergy for our brand of basketball. Here's an articleto my point,

    And as a counter I believe the verbiage you have chosen, to respond to a blog that you obviously sought out, is indicative of your own entitlement and douchebaggery. I care about the Jazz, I don't care about Greg Miller, and my ability to voice my concerns rearding the current team direction seems perfectly within reason.

    You sir are the one who should shut the fuck up

  47. Tongue-in-cheek or not, you look like a fool. First of all, when you buy tickets to a sporting event, it is a gamble.

    Lets go through your points:

    -Trading Eric Maynor may come back to bite us in sensitive body parts, but I don't know that that is a given. Watson has been plenty good this year as a back up... But non-the-less, welcome to the NBA (oh wait, you should know this seeing as how you "know quite a bit about the goings-on and inner workings of the NBA").

    -Trading Brewer was a good move. He is not a good player. Are you going to let Deron Williams dictate every move the Jazz make because of his friendships? Sorry, friendships don't dictate how a team should be run, but then again, you should realize this seeing as how you "know quite a bit about the goings-on and inner workings of the NBA".

    -I think the Jazz held on to Boozer too long, but they basically traded Boozer for Jefferson, so they didn't "get nothing". (Traded Boozer, received a trade exception; used the trade exception to get Jefferson). BTW, many experts touted this as a brilliant move by one Kevin O'Connor... perhaps you have heard of him.

    To be continued...

  48. -Kyle Korver would be nice to have, but remember, Jerry Sloan (AKA, "The Utah Jazz Identity") didn't play him as much as people wanted because of his lack of defense. So why keep him if Jerry isn't going to play him?

    -This may be your dumbest point of all. "Allowing Jazz owner Greg Miller to publicly pronounce the Jazz to be a drain on family finances and that winning an NBA championship will always be secondary to the almighty dollar." What do you expect KOC to do about that? You want him to duct tape Greg Miller's mouth shut? Furthermore, Greg Miller should not be expected to put winning ahead of the financial viability of the Jazz or the Miller Group. That doesn't make any sense and if you think it does, I am scared to know what kind of financial situation you are in. Also, the Jazz have actually show more of propensity to spend since Greg Miller has taken over. And have consistently won over the years. If you want to know an owner that puts money over winning, be a clippers fan.

    -The Wes Matthews point is your only good point.

    -Seems that they did address the chemistry problems by trading Williams. And have you ever stopped to consider that maybe Sloan really did just realize that he didn't have it in him anymore to put his full energy into coaching? Think about the things Deron complained about - practice not being long and hard enough, not watching film, being ill-prepared - those aren't things that should have cause Sloan to leave.

    -Again, it seems that if Williams was a problem, they handled it by trading him. What else are they supposed to do? How do you dis-allow a grown man and superstar from speaking his mind? Furthermore, I fail to see how the management undermined the coaching staff.

    To be continued...

  49. -If you are mad that the Jazz hung on to Boozer too long, how can you be mad they traded D-Will now? They got the trade Denver wanted. It was Melo that ruined it. The Nuggets are NOT happy with the Knick deal. Again, most experts think that if you were going to move Williams, this was as good as it was going to get. Harris is not mediocre, he is actually quite good. And Favors is a very promising prospect.

    The fact is, most of the moves the Jazz have made made sense at the time and breed excitement, but haven't worked out - which was unforeseeable. Think of the enthusiasm people had going into this year. Nobody thought we would be here.

    Your arguments lack validity and often are contradictory. You make Jazz fans look bad and I am glad you have renounced your "fanhood". The fact is Kevin O'Connor is in the top 25% of GMs. Period.

    BTW, when you say things like "I know quite a bit about the goings-on and inner workings of the NBA", it is a dead give away that you actually don't. And it makes you look dumb.

    In the end, I am a true Jazz fan and a Deron Williams fan. I am sad Sloan retired and sad the Jazz traded Williams. But it was a good trade that puts us in a good position. Part of sports is disappointment, especially in a small market. I will continue to support the Jazz and wish Williams the best

    Kenny - that is how you sign a letter ;)

  50. To the smart kid that wrote this letter:

    -If we don't like it after reading it, how are we supposed to not read it? Do we hit the "undo" button in our brains? I wish I could have my time wasted reading this back, could you refund that for me? I'd appreciate it.

    -I'm a Blazer fan and from the outside I'm disappointed the Jazz were smart in trading Williams now. FYI, he wasn't sticking around and the sooner you wrap your head around that the better. They got nice assets, which is all you can ask. Cavs fans and Raptors fans would kill to get these pieces for losing their all stars.

    -There's a reason people are taking shots at you; you make contradictory points and support your arguments with little actual support. Most of your letter is whining. You aren't listening and are so stuck on your opinion you fail to see that these people are right. You may think you know it all, but you don't. If you did then someone in the NBA would be paying you. Accept that you're clueless it with some humility, though I doubt you will since you seem to permeate arrogance and ignorance. You're an atrocious writer and and even worse fan. Become a Wolves fan and then you can bitch about bad decisions.

  51. DWill was gone next year I think the management was brilliant in taking advantage of New Jersey's Desperation. We have to wait tell Kobe retires until we start winning in the post season again.

  52. I agree with a lot of the earlier posts. The writer of this letter deserves nothing. Why does he think he so entitled...STUPID letter.

  53. Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light
    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
    O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
    Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
    Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

  54. By all means, idiot, revoke your Utah Jazz "fanship". In fact, I'll do it for you... I hereby REVOKE your Utah Jazz "fanship" !! There you go. There won't be any refunds either. Now, go cheer for the Nuggets, for whom you seem to have the greatest adoration.

    P.S. The term "fanship" DOESN"T EXIST!! (don't believe me? check or any Webster publication). Just another show of your total ignorance.

  55. Jazz dont want lame fans from happy valley anyway. Since when was ronnie brewer the reason for our chemistry. Only thing that killed us was losing wesley matthews and he isnt worth what portland is paying him. Get a life! Go Jazz!!!